Safety First Culture

It is our policy to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of our employees and anyone else that may be affected by our work activities.  The minimum standard we will adopt will be compliance with legal requirements and appropriate codes of practice.

However, our wider-reaching aim will be to fulfil the spirit of the law and not just comply with technical requirements. We will always seek to assess the risks from our work activities and will operate according to the procedures that best promote health and safety in the workplace, seeking to improve on industry standards at all times.  

We fully accept our responsibilities for health and safety and are committed to giving health and safety equal importance with other business matters. We will ensure that the resources necessary to achieve this objective are always available.

Where applicable, equipment that enables tasks to be carried out safely will be provided and maintained to ensure their safe operation. All our employees are provided with the appropriate training to ensure they are fully qualified to execute the task in hand. All our training fully complies with industry recognised standards and is accredited by the appropriate body (CITB, NPORS, PASMA, City and Guilds etc).