A robust planned preventative maintenance (PPM) regime can significantly reduce maintenance and internal costs as well as disruption caused to a school when compared to relying largely upon a reactive maintenance regime.

PPM programmes are designed to ensure that any potential problems are dealt with before a crisis occurs, ensuring customers benefit from cost savings by reducing the number of reactive call outs and associated high charges.

We believe that having a robust PPM programme in place is strategically essential to schools and generates the following key benefits:

  •  It enables an education establishment to be legislatively compliant
  •  Aids in reducing internal costs and maintenance expenditure
  •  Permits the school to more accurately formulate maintenance budgets
  •  Reduces insurance exposure to the school and reduces annual premiums
  •  Minimises disruption to the business during normal working hours
  •  Potentially it can improve work force productivity, thus adding value to the business

Alongside our planned and reactive maintenance services, we also undertake project work either on a traditional basis or as design & build contractors. In both cases, we consider that it is vital for us to work in partnership with the clients from the earliest possible stage engaging with all third parties.